Solution Intro
The self-developed two row linkage tracking system adopts larger cross-section and high-strength main beam, with better stiffness, higher natural vibration frequency and more safety and reliability. It is suitable for high-power and large-size modules. Compared with the conventional single row tracking system, the number of electric control and drive is twice less, and the failure rate is lower. Through wind tunnel test, a more reasonable wind resistance mechanism is obtained, which can more effectively protect the 25 year life of the power plant.
Technical Specs

● Strong adaptability, simple installation, convenient operation and maintenance
●The number of electronic controls and drives is small, and the failure rate is lower
●More reasonable design, safer and more reliable
●A more reasonable wind resistance mechanism through wind tunnel test
●AI intelligent control system can increase production capacity output by 6%
●DC string and lithium battery backup power supply, reducing LCOE cost

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