Solution Intro
Self-developed unique and highly reliable multi-point transmission tracking structure system, large torque tube, structure rigidity increased by 20%, can resist greater wind resistance, each row of trackers has 3 or more drivers, which is more improved accurate tracking accuracy and structural reliability, using the most advanced wind tunnel design, can adapt to multi- angle protection strategies, specifically designed for 182mm and 210mm large silicon high- power components.

Technical Specs

●  3 single-row drive devices,  can improve the structural rigidity of the system and the system has stronger wind resistance
●  Adopt advanced AI intelligence and double-sided tracking algorithm, higher power generation
●  The column span is larger, the number of installed machines is less, and the construction cost is greatly reduced
●  Forward-looking design, applicable to 182mm and 210mm large silicon wafer high-power components, with a maximum of 120 components
●  Differentiated column design, different pile foundations can be selected according to different geological conditions, the slope of 15% in the north and south can be realized, and the slope in the east- west direction is unlimited;
●  The system has passed third-party testing and certification such as wind tunnel and TUV to ensure stable operation of the system for 25 years;
●  It can be matched with AC or PV power supply to improve the stability of wireless transmission, take into account the laying of string and tracking cables, and greatly reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour (LCOE) of the power station.

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